Finally the  holidays are here some friends and I planned to go to the movies to see the new One Direction movie ‘This Is Us’ we arrived there and brought our tickets and waited for about 1 hours just having fun taking photos with the cardboard cutouts.. Finally the time has come we run in myself and Amelie and Eve jumping about 6 stairs to get the best seats we waitied for another 15 mintues and the movie started there was concert footage interviews and alot more after the movie finished we went shopping then went home the next day I went to work with dad on the farm working sheep and cattle a few more days pasted by and I went to the movies again with the girls to see the One Direction movie again.. The rest of the holidays where pretty causal helped out around the house and worked with mum.

Term 2 Semester 1 and HOLIDAYS

School Report..

At the end of Term 2 we get a semester 1 report from all the topics youve done for the 2 terms we have completed this year. I passed all my subjects which for this year we learnt Food, Drama, Maths, English, ILearn, French, Music , Gym, Science and S.O.S.E.

I really liked studing Food this year as we got to back many different dishes like Pizza Yoyos Chicken Nuggets Pancakes and Ect.

We study maths all year round which we do many different test like this term we are learning about Angles and we have a test next week about it.

In English we study many different subjects. For a few weeks now we have been studying Persuasive Text and recently we did a sheet about banning Savage Dogs.

In ILearn we do blogs powerpoints and learn about stuff on our laptops we also work in pairs or threes we also use Microsoft Excel to do most of you work on it and also the Internet.

In Gym at the start of the year we do fitness testing which includes the beep flex test and alot more.




YES! Finally school is over for the first week of the holidays Fun4Kids was on I went on the Second last day to see The Collective i meet them and gave them a hug and Jayden Sierra my favorite kissed my cheek tehre performace was AMAZING the did two performaces includign the new song “Another Life” for the rest of the holiday i had dance trainings and had friends over such as Kiah and my friend Georgia who moved to Queensland came down so I catched up with her and went out for lunch and went shopping.

Cross Country

“ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO!” as the teacher yelled when all the girls started to run yes today was the day of cross country all the girls and boys dressed in there house colors it was a 3.5k run but as i hurt my knee i had to walk it half way through the cross country i got an ellergy to that tape i got put on by the nurse my leg started to swell and get itching  it was really painful so for the rest of the cross country Kate, Riki and myself walked it. Today are the interschools three girls from my class 7F are going out to Woodford to compete in it there names are Sarah, Teri-Lynn and  Amelie .

Term 1 Warrnambool College

Term 1, Warrnambool College:

Athletics: The other day we had athletics im in Flagstaff ( Red Team) we support the Red Cross so all the money we make we donate it to the Red Cross for a good cause i competed in triple jump, long jump, 100 meters and a team relay my team came 3rd. Over all Flagstaff came second in the whole competition.


Tute: Every morning before we go to class we have a tute group meeting which is where a gmixed group of year 7 , 8 , 9 , 10, 11 and 12 from flagstaff have a meeting and get there name marked off the roll there are 7 different tute groups in flagstaff house my tute group leader is Mrs Harris.


Classes: Everyday we have different classes on

Monday we have: English, French, Math, and Food

Tuesday: Sport, English, Science and  S.O.S.E

Wednesday: Food, ILearn, S.OS.E and Math

Thursday: French , Food , Science and Health

Friday: Music , Math , English and Sport.


Stamps: When we have finished our projects and work we get stamps at the moment i have 52 stamps they award you get when you have enough stamps you get a award.


50 points: Pen

75 points: Highlighter

100 points: